If there's a big box of stuff trading hands and moving from one place to another, it'll be going through Crating. Treat yourself to a day on the unending busy boulevards of specialty shops, dining establishments, and a cornucopia of post offices, shipping centers, and parking lots.   For those with more industrial tastes, a plethora of factories and processing plants are always busy turning raw materials into Fine Products™.  


  Ok, you got 15 minutes. This is cutting into my lunch break. So lemme tell you all about the South Belt Filth Works. Ahem. The business was established in...what? You wanna know about Crating itself? The whole damn Realm?   Huh. Okey dokey then.   HARRISON! QUIT LEANIN' ON THAT LEVER, YER GONNA DUMP THE WHOLE BRAP VAT INTO THE YELLOW CHUTE!   Sheesh. Trainees, amirite? You know, if it wasn't for the Filth Works, the whole Gri'x would grind to a halt. Then you'd hear 'em bellow, for sure!   Anyhoo. Crating picks up all the stuff Tarnation County puts out. Here it gets processed, packaged, sold, and shipped. Now, some places in Crating like to pretend they ain't Crating--those fancy high-end shops, for example, and a lot of the pish-posh restaurants, they look down their snoots at us "filthy" factories and shipping centers like we're some kind of grimy third cousin showed up uninvited to their Sunday dinner. Like they ain't all got piles of boxes in their back room, like they're noways part of the chain that gets 'em their inventory and then turns around and delivers to their customers. But we're all connected, whether they want to admit it or not.   YOU ON BREAK, LEVINDALL? I DIDN'T THINK SO, WHYN'CHA GRAB A BROOM? YOU THINK WE'RE STARTING A STYROFOAM PEANUT FARM RIGHT HERE ON THE FLOOR?   So what else ya wanna know? Oh--Line One is a big deal here too, of course. Over there you got yer train tracks. Lots of train tracks. Thataway, there's the docks. We share a nice chunk of territory with the Airport, too. And look out for the box vans, they think they own the whole damn road and the sidewalks as well.   About the only thing we don't process in Crating is paperwork--that's done by all those half-wit pencil-pushers DownTown. They send us the orders, we fill 'em, we send 'em back with all the boxes ticked, they leave us alone...except for all the damn memos. Criminy, but they do love their memos. Half the time I just tuck 'em in a box with the processed orders and send it right back to 'em. Like we got time to read through all that crap, let alone room to file it.   And that's really about it, Crating's a big Realm, but pretty straightforward. Now if you'll excuse me, my microwave just went off. I gotta get my fish outta there before someone sees it was me stinkin' up the break room.


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