Neuro-Berry Snaz

Many Gri'xian citizens enjoy the pleasant buzz of alcoholic drinks, but not everyone cares for the taste of alcohol itself (or owns the appropriate facial equipment with which to drink it). The R&D folks at AHLOL Co (a subsidiary of the ZokCo Family of Fine Products) accepted this challenge and introduced Neuro-Berry SNAZ™, the first adult beverage on the market designed to be directly absorbed by the brain itself.   Neuro-Berry SNAZ™ is administered via a dropper inserted into the ear (or any reasonably serviceable orifice with a channel to the brain). One simply affixes the bottle to one's body with any of the fashionable attachment accessories, and the revolutionary dispenser will allow a drop of liquid to escape every time the bottle is jostled. The more one moves, the more SNAZ one receives.   The product's instant success, even among those who can and do employ traditional methods of drinking, prompted the ZokCo executive board to declare a celebratory Fifth Quarter for that fiscal year, and all employees received commemorative keychains.   The universal appeal of Neuro-Berry SNAZ™ is due to its many social advantages. One doesn't have to leave one's beverage unguarded on the table to hit the dance floor (and dancing is, of course, one of the most efficient ways to consume the drink). Those who dominate conversations with endless monologues no longer have to worry about their audience getting a word in edgewise while they pause to take a sip. Others, who may wish to avoid conversations dominated by endless monologues, can simply insert droppers into all of their auditory receptors and, with an enthusiastic nod every few moments, consume their drink in peace while appearing to listen politely.  




  There have been few (reported) side-effects associated with the direct neural infusion of alcohol, though some users who leave the droppers attached for extended periods have experienced dizziness, headaches, conchial rash, and episodes of acute cerebellic purge during which excess contents of the subconscious mind are violently expelled through the mouth.   The R&D Department at AHLOL CO has vowed to look into these side effects just as soon as they've completed their current project, "Neuro-Nana SNAZANANAZ: The Next Flavor-Faze of the Neural Beverage Revolution".
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Consumable, Food / Drink


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