The 'Roons

Just to the West (so to speak) of DownTown, right after the Junkyard, the pavement begins to break up, the buildings start to crumble, the garbage ceases to be collected, and the citizens take to lurking. The Past, which for so long has been bunched up just behind the Present, breaks its temporal boundaries and has a nice long stretch.   Once I saw the Devil here. He looked exactly like Jack Nicholson, wouldn't you just know it. -- JVX/0   The 'Roons, known to some locals as Ago, stand (or lean) guard over neglected memories. While the DownTown location is the best-known entrance, the sub-plane is by no means confined to representing the DownTown atmosphere—indeed, all of the Realms have Abandoned counterparts.   Buildings are burned out and/or looted, though the Art Gangs can usually be found here, and the desolate streets are often the scene of devastating poetry slams. Dust blows down the cracked streets and across dirt parking lots. The twisted chain link fences whistle in the wind. A grocery cart rolls slowly down an alley, its metal clatter echoing through the street. Here and there, faces peer out of the broken windows and blackened doorways.   Some living plants and animals do make their homes in some regions of the 'Roons. Nature tends to do best among the old architecture which contains plenty of nourishing memories to sustain life. In the wilderness areas, though, where there are no buildings or structures, very few living things can survive (if they could, they wouldn't be in the 'Roons any more, would they?). Long-dead trees tower precariously over blasted ground, their wood long rotted and crumbling or petrifying. The lakes and rivers are stagnant and still, or have completely drained and become dry valleys and craters. Even the rocks are full of cracks, eternally disintegrating to dust.   The circle of the 'Roons: Each life form subsists on the memories of the others. Structures and settlements are taken over by plants and rocks; forests and fields are taken over by rocks; Rocky expanses crumble to nothing...and their stones, highly sought-after as building materials (since all the memories and life has been sucked out of them, turning them into blank slates), are dragged back to the Present to become new structures.   Parts of the area were recently declared a state park.


The geography of the 'Roons is as varied as the Gri'x itself. This is an abandoned version of every building, settlement, and Realm--if it exists, it's been abandoned in some dimension, and the 'Roons connects it all.
Alternative Name(s)
Ago, The Abandoned
Dimensional plane


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