ZokCo is a major producer and distributor of ready-to-eat foodstuffs. The main production center occupies several blocks of the Crating district as well as four separate dimensional chrono-zones, so that they can have 4-5 active shifts at any given time.   ZokCo's most popular product is Zok Drink, available at any fine vending machine. Their newest product, Neuro-Berry Snaz, is also performing well in every demographic.   The company was founded by siblings Zanania and Olphrey Keef, who, after jointly inheriting a handsome sum upon their parents' demise under the condition that they "finally learn to share", immediately set about arguing whose name would be represented first in their new enterprise's acronym. They settled on ZokCo for two reasons: 1) marketing surveys revealed that it lent itself to the snappiest logo, and 2) Zanania always punches harder than Olphrey.   ZokCo executive meetings have become a popular feature on GXTV's Better Business Battles series, with enthusiastic fans wagering on who will cry first each week.


Corporation, Manufacturing


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