Welcome to the home page of the
Greater Gri'x Association for the
Perpetuation of Excessive Bureaucracy!

Maintaining the Continuity of Existence

checkboxThe GGAPEXB is a clearinghouse of information concerning the Gri'x, its surrounding territories and its citizens. GGAPEXB representatives collect, file, index and cross-reference the data that defines our land and its people -- an important job for the initiation and maintenance of physical coherency and existential continuity.

Our sub-committees are presently engaged in negotiations for the initiation of the pre-phases of the "Iteration-Nation" project, in which we plan to extend our information-gathering efforts to other dimensions.

Your Gateway to a Smoother Reality

checkbox Most of our data is currently in the process of being transferred to the Electronic Archival in preparation for the initiation of the Interdimensional Network (Inter'Net) Retrieval Center, and is, therefore, off-limits to you. Please check back soon. If you believe your situation to be an emergency warranting immediate attention ("Special Emergency", Class 3, 8 or 10), please call our offices at 0-1-0-1-723-555-0101 extension 1301, option #238. Listen carefully to the recorded instructions, then make your selection from the list of suggested option categories. All others please stay on the line, and your call will be answered in the order in which it was received.