Like most things in existence, the Gri'x began as an indeterminate mass of energy–it was all one place in one time, one point with one frequency. As the tones separated and settled, the differences became apparent, and of course, no one wanted to stay put for long.

Anything that connects one place to another place (or one idea to another idea), and any way you can think of to use those connections are part of Line One's domain: roads, airways, train tracks, alleys, weird little paths through the woods, and doorways (which may or may not look like doorways).


This is your Conductor speaking. On behalf of the Interdimensional Go-Club and our captain, I would like to thank you for choosing this fine mode of transportation.

In order to ensure a safe and pleasant journey, please keep any and all appendages and other dangly bits inside the conveyance at all times.

There are a number of safety features provided for your entertainment, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the instructions on the back of the card.

The front of the card has jokes.

If you will direct your attention to the attendants at the front, back, and sides of the craft, you will be treated to an interpretive dance demonstrating the utter uselessness of most safety features in an actual emergency.

In the event of an actual emergency, the Interdimensional Go-Club will, at our earliest convenience, send representatives to render assistance to surviving members-in-good-standing.

Beverages and light snacks will be served as soon as the craft has attained sufficient momentum. If you have brought your own, consider sharing with your neighbors. If you consider your neighbors to be snacks, please wait until the craft has come to a complete stop and all passengers have disembarked.

The Interdimensional Go-Club is not responsible for damaged or lost luggage, bodies, minds, or souls. Complaints of this nature should be discussed with a licensed travel agent.

The Interdimensional Go-Club will be happy to recommend one of our own helpful, licensed travel agents at any time.

We remind you, too, that while this vehicle passed the most recent standard inspection, many of the inspectors did not.

The pathways and portals may be rough at times. Surely you don't expect us to have any control over that.

We also have no control over your expectations of the destination. Please refrain from whining if it's not everything you hoped.

Passengers wishing to disembark and walk, fly, swim, creep, drive, or teleport for themselves are welcome to do so at any time. It is a popular option.

Thank you for your attention. Please activate your safety devices now, and enjoy your journey from here to there.

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