Each Realm of the Gri'x has its own signature frequency range, and in the center of each of those ranges, there's a point where that frequency is at its purest. Santa Pez is the place where the purest forms of each Realm meet. It's an idyllic place to soak up ideals and absorb new ideas.

If we bring linear time into the picture, Santa Pez is the newest Realm. In fact, it existed before the Gri'x, and only joined the Land when the first Realms' frequencies finally achieved a perfect harmony. The sudden annexation took everyone by surprise.

Santa Pez is, literally, a font of raw creative energy. It contains an enormous Aetherfall where the raw potential of Quondamaric energy flows into the land, attracting artists of all kinds, collectors and talent scouts looking for the next "big thing", and an endless stream of tourmites.


Oh hello! What are you? Me? What am I? I'm me. You must be you! How wonderful!

Here come the people! Are they coming to swim? They often swim with us. The people are fantastic. Just brilliant. We love them.

Re-mem-ber? What does that mean? Be-fore and af-ter? I'm afraid I don't understand. Yes, there aren't any people. There are only a few. There are a lot. They do seem to come and go, like the waves. They seem so happy every time they find the place.

Would you like a bubble? Anything can be in a bubble. Some of the people can choose what's in the bubble, others seem to like to be surprised. We love surprises! Especially the Big Surprise, because it always comes with lots of people.

Don't mind Pruhdi. Pruhdi-in-the-Pool talks about ex-plor-a-tion, and Pruhdi-on-the-Ground talks about e-vo-lu-tion, and Pruhdi-in-the-Pool listens, and leaves, and comes back as Pruhdi-on-the-Ground to talk to Pruhdi-in-the-Pool all over again. Isn't it interesting? No one understands it. I wonder if Pruhdi will ever get tired of it?

Isn't this a pretty song? We love it!

Who is Pruhdi?

Oh hello! What are you? Would you like a bubble?

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