Twis'tangle: the Realm where the newly conscious aura of the Coninodo burst asunder.

Some say it happened once upon a time, when the first story was thought of, told, and interpreted in myriad different minds. Others blame that insufferable blabbermouth who wouldn't shut up about every dream they had, or the perceptive boor who snuck a peek into another's journal and changed their life accordingly. Regardless, it was the first landing place for tales, it generates ideas and souls like seeds, and life within propagates and divides faster than anyone can take notes.


Hello my name is UNPRONOUNCEABLE! And I live here! And I was born here! And I lived here before I was born here! And I will stay here forever or until I leave! If you think Twis'tangle is just an endless expanse of trees and water and dirt, like the boring old 'Nodian forests and puddles and deserts, you've got a very limited imagination and I feel very sorry for you!

Are you okay? Does your head hurt? (Is that your head?) How many blanderwings am I holding up?*

Behold the choice gardens, are they not the choiciest?

Every rock has a story! See the rocks in the sidewalk cracking into pieces? Now one rock is many! Many stories begin! They are prolithic!

See the roots and branches? Pick one and follow it! OH NO! It DIVIDED! Which one is the original? Which one do you follow? Why not make your own? And someday you will divide as well. Which you do you follow then?

Buildings? Of course we have 'em. Here's one–it started off as a hole in the ground but it wanted more. It grew. It's still growing! So much room for so many rooms! UH OH LOOK OUT PAY ATTENTION BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP OR YOU'LL END UP...IN KENTWOOD!

Oh no. It went to Kentwood. Well, it can still choose to come back here someday. Maybe it will bring friends!

*TRICK QUESTION! Blanderwings can only be counted if you're standing in three planes at once! If you got it right then you are a Somnicist or you are CHEATING!

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